5 easy and fun ways to stay fit while traveling

Travel is fun, but it can put a big dent in your fitness routine. You put a lot of time and effort into your fitness when you’re at home, but when you travel there are always way too many excuses for not keeping up. I’m no fitness guru, but I do travel a lot so I thought I’d put together a few fun and easy tips for staying fit while you’re on the road.

  1. Take a walking tour – an organized one or on your own. Just walk! I travel a lot for work and for pleasure and I find that one of the best ways to get to know a new place is to walk around it. Instead of having breakfast in the hotel, venture out for a bit of exercise and to discover new spots. Instead of laying on the beach, take a walk on the sand and through the waves. Instead of a bus tour, find the walking tour. Most, if not all, major cities have a free walking tour run by locals, in English (I loved the one I did in Sofia). It’s great exercise and a great way to see the sights.
  2. Plan an activity that requires physical effort as part of your sightseeing plan. May places offer something unique that also gets you moving. For example, if you’re in a coastal town, chances are you can take a sailing lesson, or a surfing lesson if it’s somewhere warm with good waves. Locations in hilly regions likely have great hikes with amazing views. Historic towns many times have a bell tower or another tall object that requires lots of stair climbing. Any place with a river will probably have canoe or boat rental.
  3. Rent a bike. Many cities now have day bike rentals available (like Divvy in Chicago). Many others (like Sydney, for example) have bike tours. Pick this option instead of hopping on a bus or a taxi. It’s faster to get around than the walking option, but you still get to explore the city and you get some exercise.
  4. Go to the gym, but not the hotel gym. It’s the traditional option, but with a twist. Find something nearby and take a class. That way you get the same level of exercise you’d have at home, but you can meet some locals at the same time. Nothing beats getting to know a new city than by asking the locals!
  5. Check out a fitness themed meet-up. Every major city in the world has meet-ups. Find a running group, a walking group or whatever strikes your fitness fancy. A local meet-up is a great way to stay fit while traveling as well as an awesome way to meet locals.

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I hope these tips help you stay fit on your next holiday. If you have other helpful tips for staying fit while traveling, please add them in comments. I’d love to read them and try them out next time I hit the road.

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