A lake in the Australian desert

Every now and then when La Nina hits and there’s an especially wet season in Queensland, water collects in what’s then known as Lake Eyre. When this happens, this body of water becomes so big it looks like an ocean when you’re standing on the shore. The last time the basin was flooded was back in 1989 so seeing this spectacular sight in 2009 is quite a treat, even if the lake’s only at less than a quarter capacity. When all the waters recede, the basin will return to its normal state, that of a pink salted plateau.

You can check out up to date information on where the water is up to on the “>Lake Eyre Yacht Club website. If you’d like to visit, you can do that from William Creek, but hurry before the water dries out.

Lake Eyre, when flooded, as seen by satelite
Lake Eyre, when flooded, as seen by satelite

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