Cheetah Conservation

By: Magda Walczak

Magda and Blake petting baby cheetahs

Magda and Blake petting baby cheetahs

The fastest animal on land (and one of the most beautiful!) is one of the most endangered. The Cheetah Outreach program in South Africa’s Stellenbosch region is one organisation doing its part to protect these stunning animals. Last year in October I was lucky enough to pay a visit to Spier wine farm, where the outreach is located. We got to experience a short cheetah encounter, which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

In addition to breeding cheetahs, Cheetah Outreach also breeds Anatolian Shepherd Guard dogs. These dogs are experienced cattle herders and they aid farmers in protecting their livestock from becoming cheetah food. By supplying the puppies to farmers, Cheetah Outreach ensures that cheetahs will be chased away by the dogs instead of being shot by the farmer. Pretty good solution, don’t you think?

Check out their website and make a donation.

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