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Have you ever wondered how you could engage your staff on Twitter? Have you ever wanted to give multiple users access to your company’s Twitter account but you were scared of what they could potentially put on there? Have you asked users to email you their tweets so that you could copy and paste them in a tweet yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Tweetfunnel is the tool for you. I’ve been using it for almost two months now at Real Insurance and I absolutely love it. It’s a great tool for the corporate Twitter user.

What is Tweetfunnel

tweetfunnel logoTweetfunnel is a Twitter tool for team tweeting – one of those “why didn’t someone do this sooner” tools that make your tweeting life easier. It’s a web based tool which allows you to manage multiple users, tweets and Twitter accounts all in one interface. It’s like a work flow manager for your company’s Twitter accounts. It has definitely made my company’s Twitter use easier and more efficient.

How Tweetfunnel works & its best features

Manage multiple users with various roles – With Tweetfunnel, you can give multiple users access to publish tweets to a single Twitter account. This is great for companies who get a lot of feedback from customers on Twitter or whose brand receives a lot of mentions and thus is quite active on Twitter. There are user roles as well so you can have certain users who can only submit tweets while others who have editing and publishing power.

Edit posts before they’re published – Let’s say you you have a some users whose grammar isn’t stellar. With Tweetfunnel, you can set their permissions such that someone with good grammar can edit their tweets before they are published. No matter what the reason for it, you can edit all posts before they go live on Twitter.

Schedule posts for later – Sometimes you have a lot to say in a short period of time, but your followers may not be thrilled to receive 10 tweets in a row from you. With Tweetfunnel, you can schedule tweets at regular intervals on either weekdays or every day. A new feature coming next month will let users define multiple windows for scheduling tweets to further customise what you want to say and when.

Links shortened automatically – All your links are shortened automatically using bit.ly. What’s even better is that you can automatically track clicks from within Tweetfunnel.

Tweet via email or SMS – This function is not rolled out yet either, but in the future you will be able to send tweets via SMS or email.

Holding tweets – Do you ever have a gem of a tweet and you forget to write it down and when you want to reference it you can’t seem to find it in your Twitter stream? That’s what the “hold” feature is for. Hold any tweets you think you might want to look at later.

Get started right away

Tweetfunnel is a free tool. It’s currently in Beta so there are a few kinks to iron out (we’ve had a few instances where we’d edit a tweet and it would still publish the original), but it’s really awesome already. There are some tutorials on the Tweefunnel site, but the tool is very intuitive so I don’t think you’ll even need them. Also, if you check out their homepage, they’ve just announced a few very exciting new features, some of which I mentioned above.

Tweetfunnel was a godsend to me. One day we were brainstorming how else we can use social media in our company and the next day I read about Tweetfunnel on Tech Crunch. I love it and so will you.

P.S. No, I’m not a shareholder nor am I involved with Tweetfunnel in any other way. Thought I’d mention that in case anyone doubted why I’m raving about it. 🙂

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