Or is it Jingrish? I’m not sure. Whatever the word for Japanified (is that one a word?) English words, I crack up big time whenever my sister tells me another phrase or word she used to hear when she was living in Japan. In true Magda form, I remember the ones mainly related to food. Sigh.

Here is a short Japengeselish (or Jingrish, if you like) dictionary:

Macudonarudo – McDonald’s

Hottodoggu – hot dog

Hambaga – hamburger

Sofutosauvu – soft serve (ice cream)

Fraidopotaiyto – french fries, or fried potatoes

Depato – department store

Cocacora – Coca Cola

Ranchi – lunch

Toirretto – toilet

Channeru – channel

Piersu – earrings (from the word “pierced”)

Great, aren’t they? And no, before someone inevitably gets offended, this is not meant to make fun of Japanese people. Quite the opposite – I find it very endearing and quite cool how you can totally change an English word and still know what it means even without translation. A lot of these words are pronounced like that because there’s no letter “l” in the Japanese language. For the other words, they do have Japanese translations but the Japanese just prefer to use these versions. Let me know if you heard others that you liked.

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