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greg magda carelA friend of mine, Greg Mullins (he’s the one with the crazy red wig in the photo), is doing the Oxfam walk in Australia in about a month. He’s a great guy doing this for a great cause. You can visit his Oxfam page and sponsor Greg here.

Here’s Greg’s elevator pitch. Come on! Donate! You know you want to!

During a moment of madness I agreed to do a 100 kilometre walk to raise money for Oxfam. It also ties in quite nicely with my new lifestyle and long term goal of shedding 20 kegs this year! I will be part of a team of four that includes my cousin Rodney Mullins, his father, my uncle Pete Mullins and Pete’s good mate Malcolm Pascoe (our boot camp like trainer!).

The walk is through some fairly rugged Australian bush – it starts at Brooklyn on the Hawksbury river and ends up in Sydney.  The intention is to complete the walk in around 24 hours which means we will walk through the night …. Many a man has been found sobbing in pain and emotional turmoil upon completing this challenge. We have started training in earnest and need to be in shape by the end of August for the ‘big day’!

The purpose of this post is twofold.  Firstly, to share with you my bout of insanity and, secondly and more importantly, the walk is organised to raise money for Oxfam who do great work in over 25 countries, helping people far less fortunate than ourselves.  Our team is aiming to raise $4,000 so any help from you would be very gratefully received. You can make donations online. Any amount big or small is appreciated – and donations are tax deductible, get in now before tax time!

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