It’s DEFINITELY not Google

I couldnt’t help but chuckle when I saw the big bad Bing ad. Indirectly – but definitely intentionally – it connects people Googling with the Global Financial Crisis. Hmmmm… OK. Looks like someone didn’t have any better material to work with.  I’m not Bing-bashing. I’ve used it and it’s been pretty good. I’m just surprised about the in-your-face antiGoogleism.

Macs are compared against PCs quite successfully without being insulting or overdramatic. In fact, PC is quite lovable in those ads. You don’t hate PC after you watch them. You don’t blame PC for your other problems. You still like him, you just feel a bit sorry for him. And even PC users can identify with the issues presented in those ads because they are real problems with Windows.

Bing, however, seems to be grasping at straws. Making statements like “We don’t need queries and keywords if they bring back questions and confusion” is basically saying that Google results are not relevant. When’s the last time you heard someone say “That damn Google. I searched for apples but all Google gave me was oranges.” You don’t hear that because Google is smart, intuitive and it spits out relevant results.

Even Bing’s claim to be the “Decision Engine” (as compared to Google) doesn’t work. What’s the last time you complained about Google Maps local search results or handy build-in Google tools like conversion formulas? You don’t. Because you like them.

I just hope that this search engine that not only named itself after Google (Bing is Because It’s Not Google) and modeled 95% of it’s look after Google finds it’s own point of differentiation and doesn’t rely on Google to fail in order to make it the top cat.

Here’s the ad that’s currently all over TV in the US.