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Email beats SEM in conversions for small budgets

emarketer effectivness of tactics Here’s an interesting bit of research from eMarketer. Based on a Forbes survey of US senior-level marketing executives, email and e-newsletters are more effective in generating conversions than SEM. That is, if your overall online marketing budget is less than $1m. For the bigger budgets SEM performed just second to SEO, as expected. To be honest, I was expecting a much bigger spread in favour of search in both categories.

If you have limited money to work with and your email and newsletter base exists mostly due to opt-ins on your site, friend referrals and other targeted ways of obtaining email addresses, then email and newsletters should work great for you. Search is an easy, cost-effective, targeted and fast way to diversify your marketing mix, however, and I’m a firm believer that all online marketing budgets should include it.

If you’re new to search, I suggest checking out the Google AdWords Learning Center, which contains easy step by step instructions to get into SEM.

Here’s the full article from eMarketer.

Google Wave – coolest thing since sliced bread!

UPDATE: I’m so sad that Wave died :(. I really liked it. Yes, some aspects made it into Google Docs, but it’s not the same. RIP Wave. I still miss you four years later…

So I haven’t even played around with it yet but I already consider Google Wave one of my favourite things. If you live under a rock and haven’t seen the demo (included below), Wave is like a combination of gmail, instant messaging, document editing, photo sharing (and so much more!) in one handy package. It lets you streamline your online conversations into neatly organised events. There’s a slim chance I will get to attend the developers demo this Friday and I’m burning with excitement!