Wild world of sugar

Having learned about red bananas, I am now inspired to find other interesting facts about the things we eat. After all of five minutes researching my new hobby my sister introduced me to the concept of sugaring. (Her new random hobby is finding home remedies for, well, everything) Sugaring is like waxing, but using a room temperature sugar paste instead. Sugaring goes back to ancient Egypt when it was considered a sign of youth and beauty to have a hairless body. It stuck around for the past 4000 years even though now it’s largely been replaced by waxing, depilation, shaving and laser. You learn something new every day :).

Here are some other clever ways that sugar is used:

– It makes cut flowers last longer. Just add a tablespoon for each liter of water to nourish. Add a tablespoon of vinegar as well and you won’t get that smelly mould that develops in the water normally.

– In the summer when those annoying flies are driving you crazy boil down some sugar water, place it in a saucer and watch as they land in the mush, get stuck, and die (it ain’t pretty but it’s effective!). Add some baking powder to the mixture if you’ve got roaches and rest assured that once they eat it, they will die.

– If you burn your tongue, suck on a cube of sugar to relieve the pain (sidenote: if you burn your fingers, touch your ear. You’ll feel better in seconds. Trust me, it works!).

– Sugar’s a great natural preservative. Sprinkle cakes with it to keep them fresh longer or put some on the bottom of the cookie jar to stave off staleness.