Top 10 places I want to visit

I haven’t traveled the world nearly as much as I would have liked to by now. I’m not complaining… I’ve loved the places I’ve seen and I feel very lucky to have experienced them. Still, there’s so much out there that I long to explore. As of today, here’s my top 10 list of places I want to visit, in no particular order.

1. Rwanda – I’d love to go tracking gorillas in the jungle. Kinda scared of doing this one though… Civil unrest, Ebola, massive apes. hmmm… scary.

2. Istanbul – Ever since reading The Historian I wanted to explore Dracula’s home turf. The book has a great imaginative section in this city. If you haven’t read it, it’s a bit slow but bloody brilliant.

3. Iceland – Flying horses, hot springs and ice hotels. What’s not to like?

4. Antarctica – I want to see the penguins before Global Warming melts all the ice…

5. Mykonos – Every photo I’ve seen looks so absolutely idylic that this must be paradise on Earth.

6. Machu Pichu, Peru – Everyone who’s been there says it’s stunning. Will need to get in shape before this one. I’m embarrassingly unfit right now… I also want to see the alien crop circles nearby.

7. French Riviera – When I was little I loved the Le Gendarme de St. Tropez movies and wanted to go to the South of France ever since. I’m scared to watch those again in case they don’t seem as funny anymore…

8. Tuscany – Ummm… Gaja wines… Is that not enough?

9. Netherlands – During tulip season. I can’t even imagine how beautiful it must be.

10. Petra, Jordan – Because it looks like something made up for an Indiana Jones movie. It must be pretty cool in real life.

For now, I’m off to Hong Kong (thank you Blake!) and back to see a bit of Poland later in the year. Woo hoo!

What’s your dream place to visit?

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