Who rocks? We rock!

That’s right! We, that is Real Insurance, rock big time! I just came home from our 5th birthday celebration and I’m elated. I’m dying to tell you about all the exciting projects coming up, but clearly I can’t, so you’ll just have to wait and be impressed later :). I can, however, tell you some reasons other than our plans as to why we are an amazing company.

Our customers love us! (and we love them back 😛  )

Today we had a very good problem. We ran out of space on our compliments wall. It’s not a small wall and it’s not the first compliments wall. We moved to this bigger wall in order to display more of the recent feedback to all our employees. How freakin’ amazing is it that we’ve already ran out of space? We’re an insurance company! People are happy when they get their claim paid but even then they aren’t likely to praise their insurance company about it publicly. And here we are, 5 years old and we we’re running out of space to put them. That’s pretty cool if you ask me!

This little bit of information is especially important for any people reading this who attended my ad:tech presentation this morning. When I spoke, I focused on the negative feedback Real has been getting, not because there’s a lot of it or because we only get negative feedback. I focused on negative feedback because 1) it’s what we learn from the most, 2) we’re good at turning customers into brand advocates and 3) I felt it was more relevant to the audience to talk about that than anything else. We get lots of positive feedback, but unfortunately it’s usually privately to us and not in public social media forums. (Note to self: find an effective way to share all this great feedback with the world through our website.)

What kind of positive feedback are we getting, you ask? Some is about the big savings people are getting on their car insurance or home insurance. Some is because they got their Real Bonus cheque in the mail. The vast majority of the compliments we get are about our service and the people who are so great at delivering this excellent service. Which brings me to the other main reason why we rock….

Real people are phenomenal

Tonight I watched as other leaders in our company got up one by one to give overviews of the strategy as it relates to their individual departments and I felt truly inspired. They are oozing passion for our brand and for our company. They genuinely care about the customers they serve and about the staff they lead. They aren’t there because it’s a job – they are there on a mission. And the mission is to make Real Insurance a formidable force in the insurance industry. I’m so privileged to be working with all these people towards this common goal.

What’s even cooler is that this sort of passion radiates throughout our company. We are like minded, ambitious, dedicated people who are all there to build this vision together. We share common values and we’re proud of where we work.

There were a couple great “people” quotes from our CEO that stood out for me tonight. The first was “We hire for ambition.” Boy, does that show! With us, it’s literally as Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” We’re all here to win! And we’re here to win together!

The other quote was an African proverb, “If you want to get somewhere fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I have no doubt that the team working at Real will take the company far, beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

What can I say? We rock. There’s no other way to put it.

I’d be seriously worried right now if I was our competition.

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